Frequently Asked Questions

If I grant permission to access my photos, will Pixbrite automatically post my collages publically to Facebook or save my photos on the Cloud?

No. Pixbrite does not automatically post your collages to any social network whether you choose to sign up using Facebook or Email. The automation part is only for photo organizing, not for sharing. Your photos will only be shared when you manually tap the share button and complete a sharing process. Your photos or collages are also not saved on any Cloud.

Will Pixbrite duplicate my photos or increase my phone storage while organizing my photos?

No. When Pixbrite organizes the photos from your Camera Roll or iCloud, it displays them in a better organized, ready-to-share format. It does not duplicate your photos and will not increase your phone storage.

Will discarding a moment in my Timeline or Portfolio delete the original photos?

No. Discarding an auto-generated moment in your Timeline does not delete any of your original photos but simply dismisses the moment from being visible in your Timeline. Similarly, deleting a moment from your Portfolio also means dismissing the moment from your Portfolio.

Will deleting photos in Discover permanently delete my photos?

Yes. If you select photos to delete in Discover, they will be permanently deleted from your Camera Roll. If the photos you selected are from Facebook, you will not be able to delete them.

How does Pixbrite automatically create collages?

Pixbrite automatically creates a collage for you by selecting your best photos from the same moment and applying them in a suitable layout. A moment is defined by the time and venue in which the photos are taken as well as the connection between each photo’s content. Pixbrite also tries to hide duplicate photos in each collage to keep your Timeline clear and concise.

Where can I view my photos that were not included in my Timeline moments?

There are two ways to view all of your Camera Roll photos and Facebook photos:

  1. In each moment in your Timeline or Portfolio, you can tap on “Discover” to view your photos from the same moment, including duplicate photos and the rest of the photos you took on the same day.
  2. When tapping on the “+” on the home screen to make a creation, you can view all of your Camera Roll photos or Facebook photos (only if you connected Pixbrite with Facebook).

Where can I find the creations I made on my own?

When you launch the app, look at the top right corner to find your Portfolio. Here, you will be able to view all of the creations you made from scratch as well as any auto-generated moments you had favorited from Timeline.

How does the Flashback feature work?

Every Thursday, Pixbrite will send you a weekly flashback with old moments that occurred from the same week in your past. These moments are made from your Camera Roll, iCloud or Facebook photos that were taken one year ago or more. These flashback moments do not disappear until new flashback moments come on the following Thursday. You can Favorite any flashback moment to keep them in Portfolio to revisit anytime.

Still have a question or need additional customer support from the Pixbrite Team? Send us an email at and we’ll reply within one business day.